The day that I decided that I was out of excuses was the day that I decided to realize an old dream of mine.

I would put aside all of the chores, which never end, and make time to study photography.

And so, after over two decades in various managerial positions in the hotel industry –  including event management, marketing in large chains and hotel management – I decided to move forward with my favorite part of the hospitality industry: the people, encounters and trips, leaving behind the demanding managerial lifestyle.

I knew it was love as soon as I took up the camera.  The ability to see everything from a different perspective of deep observation, quickly capturing a moment, a look, a movement.  Wherever I look today, I see things differently, through the lens.  I see the second for the right shot to introduce a slightly different viewpoint.

I am realizing my love for hospitality through my business – Bayit BaTeva in the Upper Galilee where I live and my love for people, encounters and trips, through my lens.

Since then, my passion has been to perpetuate the people, encounters, places and special moments, the diverse landscapes and fine details.

Today I am fully captivated by photography, seeking to convey my point of view.

You are welcome to visit…

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